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August 22, 2013
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Invader Name:  Almost Waterproof

Official Name:  Kiim Yel'rrowm

Height:  5'5''

Label/Nickname:  Waterproof

Species:  Aquatic Qwuedeviv

Official Specialty:  Saboteur, Espionage, Infiltration, Elite Unit

Disguised As:  Random bystander.

Appearance:  Waterproof is an aquatic Qwuedeviv with little to no blue-grey fur. Apart from this, it’s adorned with nine black stripes on each arm and leg. It also has three slightly curved stripes on its back located across its shoulder blades, over the base of its tail and one centered between the previous mentioned. The tail itself is flat and squarish with rounded edges by the tip. On the topside of the tail’s last inches there's a large black circle with a lighter grey-blue circle inside. Within this last circle there's a cyan-colored eye.

There are two of these eyes on the back of its ears too. It has eight sensors which are more or less working as small tentacles, able to be moved freely at any direction. They're usually leaned back between its ears though.

To add more to this Qwuedeviv, it also possesses two tentacles sprouting on its back. Each tentacle possesses a black stripe near each tip. It also has several sets of gills. Four gills can be found on its chest, eight on its upper back, four on the back of its head and two behind each of its main eyes. Waterproof’s eyes possess black sclera with light blue pupils. Its eye disguise is cyan. It possesses minor illusionary abilities.

Waterproof's invasion uniform is dark grey with three tool-belts; one attached to the lower right leg, upper left arm and as a bandoleer across the chest (running from the left shoulder to its right side). It also wears a pair of goggles with green-tinted lenses.

However, even though its invasion uniform is formal attire, it usually goes with another during missions and when times require it (especially if it freezes). Under such circumstances it uses an insulated, tightfitting full body suit instead. This is also dark grey and is equipped with the same kind of tool-belts with the addition of a black belt around its waist. This outfit mimics all of Waterproof's stripes with the addition of the outlining of each stripe glowing cyan. Together with this outfit it wears a waist cape (in the same color as the suit) which seem to be a bit too large as it reaches down to its ankles. This is adorned with three stripes on each side; these lacking the glowing outlines. A hood can be attached to this suit. Waterproof also wears the goggles in this outfit.

Personality: Waterproof is a little unstable from others' point of view, and is generally insecure or suspicious towards everything around it. It's rather antisocial due to its past but it tries to overcome this in various ways. Therefor, its mood can change quickly and drastically either to appeal to someone else or just reverting back to what it really feels. It is like a theatre performer with no script, in that Waterproof often feels as though its wearing a mask. If one gains its trust it generally gets more friendly and open towards them. Otherwise it will just lurk around and reluctantly speak when asked.

Background: Waterproof is an elite sabouteur who's job is basicly to wreak havoc behind enemy lines during an invasion, and weaken the enemy's defences and resistance. It's an isolating job, as it has no contact with the rest of the invasion force untill they break through the enemy lines and retrieve it during their assault. Waterproof's incredible focus and obsession to reach its objective, plus the extreme conditions it's put in has made it rise through the ranks of the Qwuedeviv military faster than most of its peers. Because of its long standing tendency to obsess over a mission, Waterproof developed antisocial side, and it cannot usually handle a normal social interaction.

This social quirk certainly isn't helped by always being moved around to different crews from mission to mission, losing whatever friends it has made in the process. On account of this, Waterproof has never really been able to settle down and relax and work on its social skill. After having enough of this, it decided to choose a goal of its own. By escaping its last crew through a drop pod, it crashlanded on Earth alone to wait for a static crew which wouldn't dissolve after only a few missions. It hoped whatever crew it found wouldn't throw it into situations which were likely to kill it, and maybe give it a chance of surviving.

Random Facts:
Waterproof's disguise is put together with clothes that shield from cool temperatures: A turtleneck with thick stripes alternating between black and white and sleeves that are slightly too long. It also wears a pair of black pants and black/white-striped socks. If necessary it'll wear a pair of boots as well, together with a beanie. It’s often seen with a black scarf around its neck, which is outlined with red and has qwuedeviv-insignias at each end. The scarf is often used together with its combat suit as well.

Its name hints at its aquatic heritage—that it doesn't really mind being soaked, or taking a bath for that matter.

Waterproof has a colder body temperature than most, and has problems staying warm. Because of this, it tends to try to stay warm by using insulated clothes, and if that's not an option, keeps itself close to warm areas.

Waterproof has a well-developed natural night vision.

It prefers a bow and arrows over other weapons even though it has more experience with conventional, long-ranged weaponry.

Even though a saboteur, its extreme tactical mind has made some officers question its choice of profession and believe Waterproof would be better off as a tactician.

It keeps its favorite toy from back when it was a keetin as a kind of good luck charm. Besides everything else in its possession, it can go great lengths to retrieve it if misplaced.
This is Waterproof, the first and my main Qwuedeviv OC =o
It was actually created waaay back in December/January XDXD From then to now much has changed =u Perhaps for the better, or worse, ah dunno XD
It's not part of the larger crew I'm working on, so it's much more free to do whatever XD
RP-possibilities, yus! .o.

ANYWAYS! I'd like to thank :iconarensari: and :iconsmilehkitteh: for proofreading this for me! You two are very good friends ;u;

I think that's about it =o Sorry for the long appearence description, I couldn't make it any shorter XDXD AND AH LIEK DETAILS 8I What else could I say .o.

What's a Qwuedeviv, you say?
The Qwuedeviv are a race of alien felines, created by the awesome :iconsmilehkitteh:
If you wanna know more about them, I strongly suggest you head over to their profile, or check out the neat group dedicated to these epic felines. Do check out their characters aswell, as they play a more important role in that world than mine! =3

Almost Waterproof belongs to :iconstarnibbe: (me)
The Qwuedeviv race belongs to :iconsmilehkitteh:
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ImGoingDigital Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ermahgerd. This information. I likes it. I wish i could write info like you. T^T
So jelly of your mad info skills.
:iconisayplz: i must say. I like his disguise. Random bystander. X3
Starnibbe Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
XDXD It's not really that hard =o It's more about knowing what to write and such =I I mean, I've been reworking and editing this character back and forth since december/january somewhere =o
So I'm really glad you liked it!.. and a bit sad about all jellyness =o
But! In return ahm jelly on your mad drawing skills |D Because well ._. I guess these info skillz compensates for my lack in drawing skillz =o

And well, Waterproof's a rather suspicious individual. So it'd rather stand by and watch rather than interracting XD And I like striped clothes =I
ImGoingDigital Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
X3 ah, hehe. I see! At first i had no clue what so ever to write up for my Qwuedeviv so maybe thats also part of the problem. And yush i did likes it. Let yus be jelly's of each other! |D Teehee.

Suspicious eh? Is he suspicious of his own suspiciousness? o u o... Say hat hurt my mind... and i sees. X3 And striped clothing look nice yus. =I very nice. =I X3
Starnibbe Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
Neither did I XDXD But time solves most things! =o And also, if I hadn't sent 'em up here I'd probable gone and edited everything once more X3
And yus, let's X3 *is jealous*

Rather insecure because of its past ono
And striped clothes does indeed =I
ImGoingDigital Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XDXD Heheheeh. I see! I probably would have edited more if i could. X"D And yus. *le jealous meh is jealous*
Starnibbe Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
0u0 Well you can aways update them with new ideas you get =3 As long as you keep to the original idea, of course X3 ...  buuuut that you probableh already know ^u^ 
ImGoingDigital Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD buuuuuut updatin is so haaaaard. But i do guess i can do dats. :3
Starnibbe Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
XDXD It sure is ;3 Do it when great ideas pops into your head 8D
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SmilehKitteh Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Professional Writer
Well you know I already read it and what not XD But its nice to see Waterproof with a completed profile XPXP Now...let's just hope it stays that way XD loool.
Starnibbe Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
Hehe XP But yus! It ees =o Now to actually draw this thing >n<
And yus, ahm not planning on changing anything more =o It's as perfect as it can be, proofread and all ^u^ Changing something now or later would probably just make me feel bad for the amount of work I put down into this in the end, and a bit jerkish towards you two who helped me correct my faily grammar |D
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